Visage-a-Derm Firming Mask with Royal Bee Jelly and Cactus Extract 1.7 fl.oz.



Firming Mask with Cactus Extract

                                ▪ Extract of Cardon (Cactus)         ▪ Extract of Rosemary
                                ▪ Royal Bee Jelly                               ▪ Honey

This facial mask contains Cardon which is a rare cactus plant found in Mexico. Cardon Extract treats the root causes of blemishes, kills bacteria and works to correct problem areas. Great treatment for those with Acne problems.   It also reinforces the elasticity of the skin for a firming effect and stimulates collagen production. As this anti-aging Facial Mask also contains Royal Bee Jelly and Honey, your skin instantly looks more nourished, radiant, firmer and smoother.

Application:  Apply an even application of Mask over face and neck.  Leave on for 30 minutes than rinse with warm water.  Pat skin dry and apply Visage-a-Derm Collagen Cream.